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26 May, 2012

Welcome to My World

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I’ve spoken a bit about world building, and my D&D world specifically, in the post that became to prologue to this series. I am not currently running a game, and am unlikely to find the time and energy to do so any time soon, but the world for it is still swirling about in my head, wanting to get out, so I’ve decided to indulge this desire by posting a bit about it here. Killing two birds with one stone, this will also help me codify some of my more nebulous thoughts.

My D&D world is based heavily on the default D&D world found in the 4e source books, but that isn’t really a world in and of itself. The books contain broad strokes and some few specifics, but leaves huge blank spots for each DM to fill in. It is intended more as a framework for sparking creativity, and that’s how I’ve ended up using it – taking the bits of the framework that I liked, discarded the bits I didn’t, and filled in the blanks with stuff both of my own devising and stuff filched from other sources.

So here you go, all the posts in this series:

For reference, here are also the maps associated with this world:

A map of the Middle World

Panalmesar’s map of the world (unfinished)

A map of the Iorostakhi region

A map of the Arkhosian plains

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