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    Tools of the Trade

    17 December, 2012 • 3 Comments

    I’ve just finished up what I think is the most intensive exam period of my academic career, and good riddance to it. The exam period, that is, not my academic career – although the results are not in yet, so we’ll see. Prior to the exams, I had a quite full semester, with teacher...

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    Managing Time

    8 October, 2012 • 1 Comment

    Predictably, writing about my D&D withdrawal didn’t alleviate the problem so much as exacerbate it. I have passed the week with the possibility of a game swirling around my head, a maelstrom of ideas and notions and desires. Of course, it always comes back to the same stumbling block: I don’t have the time....

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    Writing on a Schedule

    3 May, 2012 • 2 Comments

    All right, time for some rambling. The time is rapidly approaching midnight, and if I am to stick to my schedule I need something to go up, and I have no good ideas popping up. The thing is, I do have a few ideas. I have a list of draft posts which consist mainly...

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