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19 January, 2012

The Smell Doesn’t Really Matter

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Naming things is hard. As I am writing this, I am trying to think of a new name for this site, something to go on the top banner to trumpet the identity of this little blog. I am finding it difficult. By the time this post is published, I suppose I will have chosen one, displayed right at the top of this very page, so the suspense is ruined from the start, but perhaps the process will be interesting even so.

In its previous incarnation, the blog was simply called Obdormio.com, the domain name filling the role of title. That is a common practice, but in this case I think it was more a matter of me giving up on finding a proper title than anything else. As the new site rises from the ashes of the old, the domain name stays the same – it is a good enough name for me; it uses the handle I have employed on the Internet for many years, and the site is still all about whatever I’m thinking of – but I should like a new title for it. And finding one is hard.

I’ve never been good at naming things, I always worry that the name doesn’t say enough or too much – or the wrong thing entirely. The plain fact of the matter is that Juliet was full of crap – there’s a lot of stuff in a name. It sets the tone right away, and I suppose part of the difficulty in choosing one is that I am not entirely certain what the tone will be here yet. The problem is, I want it all. I want it to be humorous, with some silly nonsense to make people chuckle. I want it to be serious, where I can write about issues I am thinking about. I want it to be informal, entertaining, fictional, real and personal. Is there a name that can incorporate all that? Well, yes, “blog” can do it, but it seems a bit generic.

Title Suggestion: The Blog

And hubristic.

I am somewhat enamoured with big and obscure words, so perhaps I could try to dig up some sort of forgotten word from the Phrontistery with a meaning relating to speaking or writing or rambling.

Title Suggestion: Somniloquence

Possibly even relating cleverly to my chosen handle.

Since I have chosen a visual theme that emulates magazines or newspapers, perhaps I should go with a title that emulated that as well? Content ripped straight from the headlines of my head!

Title Suggestion: The Internal Chronicle

Something like this, but better.

I have toyed with the idea of using a longer phrase, though it does carry the danger of making it hard to remember, or hard to relate to the content. Or worse, just lame.

Title Suggestion: Sufficiently accurate for poetry

"Stealing Babbage's words and making them way more pretentious!"

I just don’t know. Of these, I think I like “Somniloquence” best, but even that doesn’t feel quite right. The perfectionist in me is probably the main barrier to just picking one, I’m afraid. It’s not even as though I can’t change it if I feel like it – the domain name stays the same, after all.

Well, dear future reader, as noted at the start, you already know what I ended up picking. Future people get all the perks. I’ve still got no idea. Naming things is hard.

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