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22 March, 2012

A Sigh at Close of Day

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Oh why, oh why, do error’s missives fly
To plague my screen, all brooding, bleak and dour?
Why must I simply watch the signal die?
I’ve fiddled with the settings for an hour!
Perhaps the mystic box of light’s to blame,
Whence fly the aether’s waves throughout my home?
Or even further, from where firstĀ  they came,
The error lies, obscured in hostile gloam?
I’ve run the tests, done all that you propose;
At every turn, a new hope dies, all broken.
Though I’ve been patient, now despair o’erflows;
My sorrow can no longer go unspoken:
I’ve put up with your every little quirk.
Why won’t the friggin’ Internet just work?!

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