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    Words, Words, Words: Cop-Out

    7 June, 2012 • 0 Comments

    Now, hopefully, this post won’t actually be a cop-out, because that seems excessively self-referential. After my last post on etymology, I’ve started paying a bit more attention to words and phrases in the hopes of mining them for content, and I’ve started to wonder about cop-out. What is being said here? Are cops widely...

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    Words, Words, Words: Siren

    19 April, 2012 • 3 Comments

    Picture a siren. Now, chances are that you’re imagining one of these two things: Those are certainly the two things I associate with the word “siren”: Pretty women luring Greek sailors to their deaths, and loud noise makers heralding the arrival of emergency services. Because this is the way my mind works, I suddenly...

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