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9 August, 2012

What is a Obdormio

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What up, Filipinos?

I’ve noticed a curious trend in my traffic stats. Once or twice a week, I get a visitor from the Philippines, who arrives at my site through a search related to the meaning or origin of the word obdormio. “Obdormio sentences”, “familiar words of obdormio”, “sentence for obdormio”, “origin of word obdormio”, “history of obdormio” and “what is a obdormio” are all examples of searches that have led people here the last couple of months.

I confess myself afire with curiosity. What is going on in the Philippines to make so many different people search for this? Is there some company using the word in advertising? Is it a game show or some sort of radio contest with prizes involved? Are the Romans secretly invading? I have tried some googling myself to see if I can find any answer, but the only results I get are my own website, which is as unhelpful to me as it probably is to the Filipinos. If you are one of the people doing these searches, I would be very grateful if you’d tell me why!

Since there’s apparently a whole demographic here, the least I could do is try to give an answer to the question they appear to be asking. Obdormio is a Latin word. It means “I fall asleep”. Its etymology beyond that, I do not know; that seems like something you’d need specialised Latin scholarly dictionaries to find. Wiktionary has a whole list of conjugated forms, should you be interested in those. That’s really all I can tell you about the word.

As for my own history with the word, I have used it as a handle on the Internet for quite some time now. The earliest use by me I can document is registering my Gmail account back in May of 2004, but I am fairly sure I had already been using it elsewhere for some time then. I cannot recall exactly when I started using it. I do remember sitting up trying to think of a good handle, late at night, and feeling very tired, and finally just putting “sleep” into some skeezy translator. While using a verb as a noun is a bit dodgy, I suppose, I feel it has served me well so far. This domain, obdormio.com, I have had since registering it in 2006. Or possibly the very end of 2005; I’d have to look it up.

There are some other Obdormios out there, which I have nothing to do with at all. That’s what you get when you pick a name from a dictionary, I suppose. It does irk me a very tiny bit, but as I don’t really have a case here I try not to think about it. I’ll not name them here, for fear of creating some illusion of affiliation, but I’m sure you’ll find them easily enough if you want. I don’t think any of them have much information about the etymology of the word on hand either. I should, perhaps, seek out a unique identity – or at least a somewhat more distinctive one – but I honestly doubt I’d manage to find anything that has never or will never be used elsewhere, so I’ll stick with what I have for now.

So, Filipinos, did that help at all? Is some of that what you were looking for? Why are you looking in the first place? Please do tell me, or you will doom me to live through life in slightly annoying ignorance.

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