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24 May, 2012

Typing between Coughs

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You might have noticed that there was no post up on Monday, and if you didn’t notice it, well, I guess you know now. Public shame is a fact. The shame! Oh, the shame!

But I have excuses! It wasn’t just because I am a lazy ne’er-do-well and unreliable couch barnacle! Since about last Monday, I have been suffering from acute pharyngitis – fever and pain and the whole shebang. From Thursday till Tuesday, I basically stayed in bed, alternately sleeping and coughing and occasionally watching a bit of TV. I could not even begin to think about sitting down to write a post to satisfy my self-imposed schedule. Not even a crappy filler one. I cannot remember the last time I was so reduced by illness.

I can remember the last time I came close, it happens to be last May. I had just handed in my Master’s thesis, and almost immediately got struck down by a variety of ailments, including what would later be diagnosed as gout. I figured at the time that my body had basically been as stressed out as my mind in the final stretch of writing the thesis, and once it was all done my immune system basically went on holiday for a while. I’ve spoken with others who have had similar experiences, of suddenly falling ill once the exam season is ended. I sort of wish that was the case now, but if so it seems my immune system is working of a bad calendar – my first exam started yesterday, and I won’t be done until mid-June. I sincerely hope getting ill in the spring won’t become a tradition.

The knock-down last May was in some ways worse, and in some ways better. Like I said, it came close to the same level of reduction, but not quite there. My mobility was severely limited by the gout attack, and I was similarly confined to bed, but my mind remained pretty clear – I could have written something, lying there. So no fever, and a clear mind, but on the other hand, the pain was worse. At its hight, it reduced me to weeping, which I think pain hasn’t otherwise managed since I was a child.

Anyway, the upshot of it all is an amendment of my mental schedule rule to give me the opportunity to call in sick. Now you must excuse me; I have an array of pills to take.

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