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14 January, 2013


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I’m not an especially good cook. In fact, I think I’d call myself a boring cook. I tend to make the same small selection of dishes over and over again, and mostly just do those by following theĀ familiar steps, without much experimentation.

I like baking a good bit better than cooking – not so much for the process as for the results – but cooking seems to be more called for in everyday life. Dinner every day, and all that.

But I cook boring, Three or four dinners that just rotate around, occasionally changing rice for potatoes. And it tends to be made from powders, just add water. Dull. Unfortunately, when I do try to break out, the results tend to be disappointing. Which was the case today, when I tried to make fried rice myself for the first time ever. The results weren’t unpleasant, but also not good enough compared to the effort required.

I bought a bit cookbook a while ago, with vegetarian recipes, but have only tried a couple. Most of them didn’t look appealing. I guess I need better books. Cause right now, dinner is boring.

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