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21 January, 2013

I Am Not a Blogger: A Look Back

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Though we did the whole Year in Review business a few weeks ago, around the actual New Year, this is the day I choose to mark as the anniversary of this here blog – the third Monday of January. A good time to look back on that first post, a year ago, where I declared my intention to waste a few hours less.

I said I wanted to start posting regularly, and I’ve done posts! 52 weeks of at least one post a week – usually on Monday – and a few with two, mainly before my workload increased. Fairly regularly, in other words. So am I a blogger yet? I don’t feel like it. The fact that this post is late says lots, I should think.

I started strong, with two weeks’ buffer in the bank before even launching, but the buffer did not last very long. There’s been some good stuff, quite a few duds, and several panicked evening where I had no earthly idea what I’d say.

That last thing is something I don’t really want anymore, so I think I’ll stop stressing about a midnight update from now on, as this post should show. When better to make changes than an anniversary?

Next, I lamented my lack of a specific topic, and that’s pretty much borne out I think. I’ve written about various and sundry, but I don’t think anyone can accuse me of having an overarching theme.

Have I avoided wasting my hours? Yes and no. I think I have wasted fewer, but surely a man must be allowed to waste some. There certainly seems to be fewer hours in the day these days, but I am assuming that’s all in my head for now.

I am still not a blogger, I think, not at heart. But I may be on my way. Ask me again in a year.

14 January, 2013


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I’m not an especially good cook. In fact, I think I’d call myself a boring cook. I tend to make the same small selection of dishes over and over again, and mostly just do those by following the¬†familiar steps, without much experimentation.

I like baking a good bit better than cooking – not so much for the process as for the results – but cooking seems to be more called for in everyday life. Dinner every day, and all that.

But I cook boring, Three or four dinners that just rotate around, occasionally changing rice for potatoes. And it tends to be made from powders, just add water. Dull. Unfortunately, when I do try to break out, the results tend to be disappointing. Which was the case today, when I tried to make fried rice myself for the first time ever. The results weren’t unpleasant, but also not good enough compared to the effort required.

I bought a bit cookbook a while ago, with vegetarian recipes, but have only tried a couple. Most of them didn’t look appealing. I guess I need better books. Cause right now, dinner is boring.

7 January, 2013

Sticky Stories: The Tolkien Legendarium

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There are some stories that just seem to stick. Some stories that latch on, and stay with me, never leaving my brain, and resurfacing every now and then to make me ponder the intricacies and details and themes they explore. Stories that I periodically just have to read or see or experience again.

The Myst franchise contains such a story. As does The Dark is Rising Sequence. And the one that’s currently bubbling around near the surface is the vast story found in the works of Tolkien.

Obviously, what has brought this fit of bubbling thought on right now, is the first Hobbit film. I’ve seen it twice now, and enjoyed it greatly both times. It has its flaws – I’m basically of Dave Kellett’s mind here. While it is a very entertaining film, I am far from convinced that it needed to be split in three. And when it is split in three, it does not need to be three hours long.

But while the film is greatly entertaining, it isn’t the book, isn’t the depth and mad brilliance of Tolkien’s writings. Much like the Lord of the Rings films, it is a good, nay great, effort to tell that story in film form, but it mostly just whets my appetite for rereading the books. I want to see again how it all fit together in the text.

The Encyclopedia of Arda¬†did a series of articles back when the Lord of the Rings films came out, the Movie-goer’s Guides, which listed some of the most important changes from book to film. I wish they’d do more of those for the Hobbit, I’m always game for a good explanation of Tolkien’s work.

I did find another list of changes, but it seemed less thought through and coherent in its presentation, listing even the most minor of quibbles as its own huge point, and I was so annoyed by its Cons section I eventually couldn’t read on. Oh, no, this change means using a word of dialogue that Tolkien didn’t write! Horreur!

The point is, I’m now in a mood to revisit this story. The best way would be a reread – Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion all – but considering how little reading I get done these days, I doubt it’s be the best idea. Maybe I can just do the Hobbit, and contend myself with that.

Or maybe I’ll just watch the Lord of the Rings films again. Yeah, that sounds nice and lazy.

10 December, 2012

Still Can’t Talk. More Exams.

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The white flag is still waving. I’m in the final stretch, but the finish line still seems distant and unreachable. So, more phoning it in. I’ll be back stronger next week, I promise.

Meanwhile, music!

3 December, 2012

Can’t Talk. Exams.

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I have exams lined up for a bit now, so this is a emergency post running on back-up generators. To put it another way: I’m phoning it in.

To put it another way: Look! Seasonal music!

15 October, 2012

A Very Quick Word while Short on Time

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I continue in my withdrawals, and in my plans. Although the short break is now over and work ramps up again, I continue to explore the possibility of running an online game, and I think the exploration has progressed to the point where it is only a question of when, not if, it will happen.

As part of these almost-preparations, I have been catching up on and rereading Chris Perkins’s column on DMing, on the theory that learning from the best can’t be bad. I used to follow that column pretty regularly, but fell off at some point, possibly due to lack of a real game to experiment on. After reading about the way he uses arcs and his efforts to tie characters to the world through origin stories, I’ve tried to jot down some things myself. I managed three vague sentences that might describe viable arcs, and I produced a couple of potential origin stories, but they didn’t feel too good, really.

I fear I am running up against the limit where I can’t really do too much more without committing fully. Perhaps I should be posting a game ad already? How do you even choose players? I don’t know the first thing here!

I think I’ll postpone for at least another week, just to get some school work out of the way at least, and contend myself with reading the Iomandra campaign summaries while I wait.

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