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28 January, 2006

Testudo sapiens

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After three million years in an environment specifically designed for humans, testudo sapiens looks little like their small ancestors. Evolution has strengthened their endoskeleton, and weakened their exoskeleton, leaving the carapace nearly flat. Their fingers are short and stubby, and they have only four of them on each hand. Their skin is grey, and they have no hair.

Turtles are slow, but strong creatures. They take their time with everything they do, and have a very relaxed attitude towards time in general. They even speak a bit slower than normal, and often use the word “dude”.

Turtles usually wear loose-fitting clothes, which they find comfortable. They work hard, if slowly, and always get the job done in the end.

After about three million years of normal life on the Dwarf, something happened. Nobody was quite sure what. Was it the parting gift of the fading radiation? A fluke of nature? Contaminated food? Whatever the reason, the new generation was born with instincts supposedly abandoned millions of years ago. The sudden desire to swim around in water was one thing, more serious was the new compulsion to travel. Every single female now felt a call, deep in their genes, for a place they only dreamed about, the place where their foremothers were born millennia before. They felt the need to return to the ancient mating grounds.

Systems were cannibalized to make three great arkships, and the turtles divided into three groups. The entire turtle population abandoned their city, their culture, their history, and went out into the big black to search for the ancient mating grounds.

Except for that one guy who overslept.

Maximum Stats:
Agility 4
Dexterity 5
Strength 7
Perception 6
Intelligence 6
Willpower 8
Special Abilities:
Cool 1, Resist 1, Swim 1. The ship could split apart around them, but a turtle would still be as cool as a cucumber. They automatically pass all fear related Resist checks unless they roll boxcars.
Being reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded, and require a warm environment (see rules for Iguanas). Should a turtle fall on his back, he would not be able to get up again without help.

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