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13 March, 2006


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The botanical gardens of Red Dwarf were originally maintained by gardenbots, which are somewhat similar to skutters. Over the years, these have come to reinterpret their orders somewhat. Their mandate “take care of the plants” was originally taken to mean, “keep the gardens tidy and make sure the plants grow good and look nice”. These days, they take it to mean “keep the plants healthy and alive and unharmed at all costs.”

Here are some stats for a gardenbot:

AGL: 3
DEX: 4
STR: 4
PER: 1
INT: 2
WIL: 1
Initiative: 4
Save: 5
Shrug: 2

Stealth: 1
Self Defence: 2
Firearms: 2
Gardening: 5
Repair: 1
Strength Feat: 1
Aesthetics: plants: 2
Awareness: 1
Computer Ops: 1
          (Greenhouse Control: 3)
Life Science: 1
          (Botany: 3)

Fanaticism (Plant Supremacy) 3, Obsession (Plants) 3, Moral Restriction (Harming Plants) 3

A gardenbot is built basically like a skutter, but it has three arms. One of them has fingers, for gripping and manipulating. One of them has sharp blades for cutting. The third has either a small spade or a small rake, depending on the function of the particular bot. Their bodies look like a skutter’s, but can also function as a lawn mover for trimming grass. Their wheels are bigger and more suited for outdoor use.

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