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13 March, 2006

Episode 2: Horticulture

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For startes, do not read this page if you are not the AI of your group. It contains all the secrets and you can’t play it if you know them.

This is a nice little adventure, on the ship itself, no need for external foes and dangers. The Dwarf has plenty of them to go around as it is. The characters are relaxing with some AR, films or games or something. Days are long and dull, and there isn’t much else to do. If you’re starting in the AR, you can play some fun stuff in there for the beginning.

Things Begin To Go Wrong. Systems begin failing. If you’re in AR, this can produce humorous effects (The other suggested title for this episode, “The Gay Adventures of General Custer”, should give you some idea of what fun can happen). If not, maybe the hologram begins to flicker, or the films shut down. Anyway, something’s clearly wrong with some electrical system. The Damage Report Machine will reveal that one or more relays have become corrupted or broken, all located in or around the botanical gardens.

What has happened is that after three million years of barely restricted growth, the plants have now punched through the wall platings, and are growing into the sensitive circuits, disrupting them. It’s time for some agressive gardening. The skutters can fix the damage, but only if a proper path is cut so they can reach it.

Discourage complete destruction of the greenhouse levels. Plants growing there might be useful later, and simply setting a fire would damage the ship more, if allowed to burn. Why can’t you put it out when it’s gone on far enough? Because the gardens are tended and controlled by one of your subroutines, which has gotten a bit independent over the years. Frankly, you’re not speaking with each other anymore. Sure, it would be nice to have him on your side, but you’re certainly not apologizing to the bastard!

The only solution is to go down to the greenhouses, rip out the plants causing damage, and cut down the area around the damage, so the skutters can fix it.

Of course, said three million years of barely restricted growth in a radiation rich environment has transformed the botanical gardens into a veritable jungle, with some pretty strange and interesting new plants.

Go crazy here. Page 153 in the main book has stats for generic carnivorous plants, and you’ll need them. Put in all sorts of mutant plants you can think of. Personally, my only restrictions are mobility and intelligence. I don’t want two species evolved on the ship, so all the plants are still plants, and they’re rooted to the ground.

Some maps of the gardens and greenhouses may be necessary. Make sure you know where the damage is done. It can be one big place, ideally in the middle of the jungle, or several smaller spots all over.

Don’t forget the gardenbots! Should anybody attempt to harm the plants, say by ripping them out of walls and clearing the way for some skutters, they won’t sit by and watch! They’ll defend the garden by any means, and those blades are sharp! Sure, they may not be much of a challenge individually, but do you have any idea how many of them there are in that garden? I certainly don’t, the number is ridiculously high.

Insects are a no-no on my ship, but if you can justify it to yourself, throw in some giant bugs in that jungle as well. What my ship does have is swarms of tiny little bugbots, used for pollination. They don’t have stingers, and are more of a nuisance than a danger, but they can still give the poor player a scare if they don’t look too closely.

This is basically a matter of avoiding all the dangers in the jungle to reach the damaged circuits and fix them. Then get out as fast as possible. In the jungle, they might find interesting plants that can be used as spice or medicine if they bring them back, but this will further piss off the gardenbots. For fun, you can have the irrigation turn on occasionally, turning the whole thing into a true rainforest.

Once the damage is repaired, and the plants taken care of, the players may return to their normal lives. That jungle is still there though, unless they want to do a real cleanup. If they could capture and repair a gardenbot or three, they might convert the collective back to the old ways, and have them take care of it, but isn’t it much more fun to have a dangerous jungle handy?

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