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22 January, 2006

Red Dwarf RPG Resource

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This here is old stuff. Really old stuff. It has been ages since I last played the Red Dwarf RPG, though I hope to start up again someday. When this stuff was first written, I expected to make lots more to put here, but as we stopped playing, the need to make more disappeared. I’ve decided to keep it all here, in all its poorly written glory, as a sort of museum piece. Someone might still find use in it, like with most museum pieces, so here it stays.

Some friends of me and I sometimes play the Red Dwarf RPG from Deep7 with me as the AI. I’ve noticed that there aren’t very many resources for planning and playing this game, not many websites dedicated to it or AIs sharing their stuff. So, I’ve made this little page, where I’ll post stuff I make that I think other players or AIs might make use of.

The stuff I have so far is:

  • Hologram Simulation – an attempt to rewrite the rules for hologram simulation gear, to eliminate some of the contradictions and impossibilities of the original rules.
  • Testudo sapiens – caps and description for evolved turtles.
  • Gardenbots – a very specialiced type of skutter.

I will also post the adventure scenarios we play, but obviously not until after we’re done with them. They can be played as they are, or you can use parts of them which fit into your own campaign, or you can just read them for inspiration. You shouldn’t read these unless you’re the AI of your group:

Red Dwarf in all its forms is owned by Grant Naylor Productions, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
The Red Dwarf RPG is © Deep7.

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