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14 January, 2013


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I’m not an especially good cook. In fact, I think I’d call myself a boring cook. I tend to make the same small selection of dishes over and over again, and mostly just do those by following theĀ familiar steps, without much experimentation.

I like baking a good bit better than cooking – not so much for the process as for the results – but cooking seems to be more called for in everyday life. Dinner every day, and all that.

But I cook boring, Three or four dinners that just rotate around, occasionally changing rice for potatoes. And it tends to be made from powders, just add water. Dull. Unfortunately, when I do try to break out, the results tend to be disappointing. Which was the case today, when I tried to make fried rice myself for the first time ever. The results weren’t unpleasant, but also not good enough compared to the effort required.

I bought a bit cookbook a while ago, with vegetarian recipes, but have only tried a couple. Most of them didn’t look appealing. I guess I need better books. Cause right now, dinner is boring.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. Then again, I can’t relate at all. I cannot stand baking (and really don’t care for any of the products either), and while I on no level enjoy cooking either, it is probably my least-hated chore to do. It’s kind of nice to try different things and see if you can make it taste as good as/better than last time you tried something similar. Being an incredibly difficult and picky eater I also love getting to make meals that are elaborate and taste good, but do not contain anything I dislike. (This is why I don’t like eating out. There’s almost always at least one ingredient I would have liked the meal better if it was missing, and usually at least one that I would have liked it more if was there. And then considering the amount of money spent compared to just making it myself, it’s a no-brainer, and so I never eat out.)

    All that said, I don’t have a particularly vast reservoir of different meals I make, either. I just make so much of them that I can have it for 2-5 days, and that way, by the time I’ve cycled through them, it’s been a month or two since the last time I had the first one on the list. But we typically make the following at least four-five times each in any given year, if any of them should happen to inspire:
    * tomato sauce with A. rice and lettuce or B. spaghetti
    * stroganoff with pasta
    * pancakes with bacon
    * omelet with fried potatoes
    * beef with sauce Bearnaise, mushrooms, lettuce and potatoes (fried or mashed)
    * chop suey with rice
    * vegetable stew with ground beef or pork
    * various roasted meats (no system, whatever kind of pork or beef happens to be on special that week) with gravy, macaroni and/or mashed potatoes
    * pytt-i-panne
    * pitas or tortillas
    * lasagna with bread and/or lettuce
    * fried ham and mushrooms with mashed potatoes and macaroni

    Which is probably not that varied or interesting, but it works for us, on account of usually only needing two or three of them for any given week. And it completely works around to our various (shared or individual) aversions and allergies to fish, mutton, poultry, carrots, beans, peas, etc, etc…

    Comment by Loki Aesir — 14 January, 2013 @ 01:50

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