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8 October, 2012

Managing Time

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Predictably, writing about my D&D withdrawal didn’t alleviate the problem so much as exacerbate it. I have passed the week with the possibility of a game swirling around my head, a maelstrom of ideas and notions and desires. Of course, it always comes back to the same stumbling block: I don’t have the time.

Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself? When am I ever going to get more┬átime? Could I do it if I just managed my time better? There’s probably no question that I could squeeze out some extra hours if I accomplished that, I am terrible at time management. Or, viewed from a different perspective, I am great at it, and really do need quite a bit of time to just digest.

I have, fearfully, toyed with a thought of jumping in with both legs and just see how much of a train wreck would result if I did try to do everything I wanted. This is a busy and important year in my education, my final year at University, and there are quite a few things I need to do and write over the course of this fall. I have, for many years, bemoaned the fact that NaNoWriMo takes place in November – the only moth that could possibly be worse for it is May – but in this dread fantasy of late I actually try to do it again this year. After all, it is lots of fun.

And maybe I could try running a net based game on top of that? It couldn’t hurt, my fevered brain whispers, what’s the harm in trying. That’s an argument that’s hard to counter with just a general feeling of impending doom, but you have to work with what you have.

Of course, maybe I’m overestimating the amount of work such a game would be; it’s not like I have any experience running one. Maybe it could be a slow runner, where I’d only have to post up a thing once or twice a week. Maybe I should just post an ad and see where it goes?

Of course, I have no real plan yet. My explorers idea is just that, an idea, not fleshed out at all. If I send players out to explore the world, I ought to have some world for them to explore as well, it seems to me. I could go against my every instinct and try to wing it, but I don’t know if that would end up fun or just messy.

I realise, by the way, how self-indulgent and spoiled I am – oh, no, not sure if I have the time to play a purely entertaining game on my magical electronic box – but I am blessed with a fairly drama free life, so this is what I angst about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have wallowing to do. See you next week, when I’ve probably already posted an ad at this rate.

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  1. You could always just mention in the ad itself that your ability to post and update will ebb and flow throughout the year, but promising that you will always get back to it at some point, and not abandon it permanently, at least outside of moments moderately suited for ending it naturally. That way you have much less pressure about the frequency of your involvement — you were up front about it, everybody knows. And if that keeps you from getting enough players to try, well, then you know, and at least you tried!

    Time management in itself is not that tough, by the way, not in principle and not in my experience, but the self-discipline to adhere to a set schedule over time is VERY tough. Perhaps you would achieve better results with short term plans? “This week I shall do this on this day, this on this day, that on that day”. Allowing a buffer day per week to catch up on things reality came in the way for (or to just slack off if you’re up to date when you get there) helps me personally a lot with managing time over longer stretches of busy periods.

    Comment by Loki Aesir — 8 October, 2012 @ 21:14

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