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15 October, 2012

A Very Quick Word while Short on Time

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I continue in my withdrawals, and in my plans. Although the short break is now over and work ramps up again, I continue to explore the possibility of running an online game, and I think the exploration has progressed to the point where it is only a question of when, not if, it will happen.

As part of these almost-preparations, I have been catching up on and rereading Chris Perkins’s column on DMing, on the theory that learning from the best can’t be bad. I used to follow that column pretty regularly, but fell off at some point, possibly due to lack of a real game to experiment on. After reading about the way he uses arcs and his efforts to tie characters to the world through origin stories, I’ve tried to jot down some things myself. I managed three vague sentences that might describe viable arcs, and I produced a couple of potential origin stories, but they didn’t feel too good, really.

I fear I am running up against the limit where I can’t really do too much more without committing fully. Perhaps I should be posting a game ad already? How do you even choose players? I don’t know the first thing here!

I think I’ll postpone for at least another week, just to get some school work out of the way at least, and contend myself with reading the Iomandra campaign summaries while I wait.

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