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12 March, 2012

Flippin’ Voltorbs

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If you’ve never lived through the wonderfully frustrating experience of trying to catch a particularly recalcitrant legendary pokémon, I don’t expect you to understand why I hurt my shoulder punching the air after finally bagging Ho-Oh last night.

It had taken me quite some time, you see, and been sufficiently frustrating that I took a couple of very long breaks in the middle. Ho-Oh, like most legendary pokémon has a very low catch rate, meaning that even when it is reduced to a very low health, you need a bunch of tries before it gets successfully caught. Putting a pokémon to sleep, or poisoning or paralysing it can help, but Ho-Oh knows the move Safeguard, which protects it from that kind of tampering. Safeguard has 25 uses, while its other three moves have only 5 uses each, which is significant because once it runs out of moves, it begins to Struggle, which does damage to itself – and when you’re trying to catch it, you’ve likely reduced it as low as you can already. In other words, you have 40 rounds to sufficiently weaken and catch it before it kills itself. There’s only one in the game, so when that happens, you have to shut the game off, and start over from your previous save. But yesterday, I got it at last.

The preceding paragraph is probably one of the geekier things I’ve written, and it makes me seem like a huge pokémon nerd, which I really don’t think I am. The fact that I managed to unload all that might speak against me on this, but looking around at some of the truly dedicated fans, I find myself lacking indeed.

I played pokémon as a child, the Red version to be exact, simply because I liked the colour red better at the time. Later, I also played Silver, because I liked Lugia better than Ho-Oh, not because of a preference in valuable metals. I watched a few episodes of the show, and the first movie, and I dabbled in the trading card game, but it was really the actual games that interested me.

After Silver, which I doubt I fully finished, I took a long break. Not from any resolve or anything, I just didn’t get the next one. It wasn’t until the summer of 2010, when I bought a DS on sale, and a copy of the remake SoulSilver (because Lugia is still better than Ho-Oh) I got the bug again. I played a good deal that summer, but when classes stared up again, it ended up in a drawer. Then a played a bit at Christmas, then back in the drawer till Summer again. This time I didn’t even play at Christmas, but yesterday I got it out of the drawer in a moment of boredom, and set to bringing that dang bird down. Now I’m probably going to keep at it. Not like I’m anywhere near done, I’ve got 195 of the 493 pokémon possible to get in this game.

As usual, I am a generation behind everyone else – I’ll probably get around to trying Black or White when the sequels come out. Actually, I was sort of hoping Nintendo would keep doing remakes of old games, like they did with Gold and Silver, and I could maybe jump in and finally see the Ruby and Sapphire storyline when it came out as EarthRuby and StarSapphire or something along those lines. Doesn’t look like that’s the plan though, so I may as well jump ahead.

Pokémon isn’t really about the story in any case; which is not to say that the story sucks, just that it is not the main selling point. It’s about the collecting, the training up and the cataloguing. I think Pokémon would be a very bad game for someone with real OCD, but for someone like me, it’s perfect. Like I said, I’ve got  I’ve got 195 of 493, can’t stop there! Never mind that getting a perfect score is actually impossible, and getting a high one gets harder and harder as others abandon this generation of games, got to keep going till the bitter end.

Favourite pokémon? From previous comments, you might think it’s Lugia, and Lugia is indeed up there, but the number one spot goes to someone else. The very first I had, and the one I keep going back to – stalwart and trustworthy Bulbasaur. When I was moving away from York, one of my friends even used her mystical baking arts to make this fantastic going-away present:

Bulbasaur cake

It was a shame to eat it, really ...

… dangit, I am a huge pokémon nerd!


  1. Yes. Yes you are.

    I never *understood* Pokémon. Lots of cool ones, sure. I understand the collecting and the dueling urges. But the whole world makes little to no sense. It seems haphazard, thrown together with little thought and less care, and just all around uninteresting. Not to say it doesn’t have many interesting or intriguing facets, it totally does, but they seem like everything else – haphazard, unplanned, added as afterthoughts and whims.

    I played Blue. Only because me and my younger siblings collectively owned a Game Boy (and later a Game Boy Colour), and only because both my younger brothers loved the game so much I figured I’d check it out. Played it for quite a while by my standard’s, it’s one of the few video games in my life I actually got to the “end” of, plotwise. (Never collected all, though, but when I came to the story’s end, I had ceased to really care). So clearly, it was entertaining. But I don’t get your fascination with it. Maybe if I had been five to ten years younger when I first was exposed, this could have been an awesome franchise filled with nostalgia, and with all its weird inconsistencies glossed over and all its holes filled in by my childhood imagination. Oh well. Since Blue, I’ve only tried two or three Pokémon games, and never, ever for more than a single sitting. Sittings which, on account of my not personally owning any video game consoles more recent than a NES from 1984 (*strokes affectionately*), are always very short.

    Comment by Loki — 12 March, 2012 @ 09:28

  2. “By my standard’s”?!

    How the bleeping bleep does that happen?! Why on EARTH would I put an apostrophe there? GAAAAAAAH.

    Comment by Loki — 12 March, 2012 @ 09:29

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