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29 March, 2012

Five of a Thing: Myst Ages

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Since I wrote Monday’s post, my head’s been stuck in the Myst series, going over the plot and characters once more, remembering when I first played the games and how much story there is to explore in them. Since I am short on time today, and need to crank out another of my emergency lists, I’m going to list my top five favourite Myst Ages. My own Five Classics, as it were. Maybe that’ll shake me out of this track and allow me to move on to other things.

Or not, this might just become a Myst blog.

Anyways, top five Ages. For reasons I’m sure will be obvious, I’ll start the list with the digit one, and leave the top favourite for number five.

1 – Amateria

Myst III: Exile sneaks onto the list with Amateria, which is just such a beautiful age, filled with weird contraptions and cool concepts. It’s puzzles are decent, and it has what is possibly the best exit of any Myst age.


2 – D’ni

Yeah, maybe I’m cheating here. This encompasses both the D’ni caverns, with Ae’gura, K’veer, and the Kadish Library, as well as the Cleft, Tomahna, and anything else I’ve forgotten, but as it is technically all one big age, I think I get away with it. Each of those places are different from the other, and they all have cool aspects to them, so when you put it all together, it makes the list. Plus, it includes this music:


3 – Minkata

Great concept, great visuals, and really fantastic music. The endless windswept desert, where you can run around and get thoroughly lost, houses a really clever puzzle, which also makes total sense in the context of the Age (it was a training grounds for the Guild of Surveyors). While Uru still ran, I would sometimes just go to Minkata and leave it open while I did other stuff, just for the beauty of it.


4 – Myst

Where it all began. Included not just because of what it is, as a section of the game, but for waht it represents, as the heart of the Myst series. This is the place where it all went wrong, where something good became something horrible, and the ghost of Myst Island remains throughout the series, and then all the way through Uru and into Myst 5. This was the gateway into the adventure, into the story, and the first introduction to the twisted family at the heart of it. It is so pretty and innocent and sad, it couldn’t go any lower on the list than this.


5 – Riven

If you looked at the previous post at all, where I declared Riven the best game ever made, I doubt this came as much of a surprise. I think I said what I need to say in that post, so I won’t repeat myself here. To add to what is found in the game, there’s all we learn about Riven in the books, which makes it all the more cooler, and tragic. Leaving Riven in the end isn’t as visually impressive as Amateria, but it means a lot more.

As for honourable mentions, there were quite a few that almost made the list. The 233rd Age would have been on it if it hadn’t been so limited in the game; it reaches honourable mention on the strength of its concept and great look alone. Todelmer could also have defended a place on this list on those grounds, if not on others.

I now hope all my readers go out and play the games and read the books and make their own lists. A week or two should suffice, yes?


  1. I find it somewhat amusing that these lists of yours always seem to be more elaborate and time consuming than the posts which you do not claim emergency status for. :D

    Comment by Loki — 29 March, 2012 @ 08:59

  2. In terms of pure word count, it’s not much less, but in terms of thinking and planning, it’s a breeze.

    Comment by Obdormio — 29 March, 2012 @ 09:20

  3. Huh. I would have thought that the trouble of hunting down suitable illustrations and placing them in the post alone would be more trouble than writing a quarter page of text.

    Comment by Loki — 29 March, 2012 @ 12:56

  4. Oh, no, embedding a youtube video is no work at all, and it’s not like finding the videos to begin with was hard.

    Comment by Obdormio — 29 March, 2012 @ 13:11

  5. Silly me assumed there would be a multitude of relevantly named YouTube-videos, and that it would take you a not negligible amount of time to peruse them in order to pick the ones you wished to use. :\

    Comment by Loki — 29 March, 2012 @ 13:15

  6. Nah, search engines are good these days, you get the most relevant results on top.

    Comment by Obdormio — 29 March, 2012 @ 13:24

  7. That hasn’t been my experience on YouTube, really, but I suppose I look for more obscure stuff the few times I go there. Thanks for clarifying. ^^

    Comment by Loki — 29 March, 2012 @ 13:27

  8. it’s not often that I am so utterly lost as when I read these nerdy (hm, coming from me that must be a compliment) posts of yours. A brief introduction to this strange world one day? In person? With examples? Yes, please :)

    Comment by Mari — 29 March, 2012 @ 16:25

  9. The only word I might have trouble with there, is ‘brief’.

    Comment by Obdormio — 29 March, 2012 @ 17:01

  10. Damn it, that response made me wish for Facebook’s “Like” function. NOTHING SHOULD EVER MAKE YOU WISH FOR FACEBOOK’S ANYTHING EVER.

    Comment by Loki — 29 March, 2012 @ 17:51

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