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6 February, 2012

Moving House

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In December, my flat-mates and I received the unwelcome message that we’d lose our apartment at the end of the year. Faced with the hassle of moving right before Christmas, we managed to haggle down the eviction date and were able to remain through January. Having just completed the move, I am damn glad we did it that way; it was hassle enough without the holiday.

When pouring your life from one container into another, it takes a while for that gelly blob to settle into its new shape. Box by box, I carted my possessions, all the bits of detritus that make up ‘my stuff’, to the new location. I was able to find a new place very close to the old, and although it is a temporary stopgap, it will tide me well over until the housing market opens up a bit more nearer the summer. The new room is a little bit smaller than my old – and a bit more expensive – but I have managed to fit all the stuff in. It is a bit astonishing how much stuff there is, really. It’s a cliché, but a true one – you do find out what it is you own when you move it.

Breaking with my magpie nature, I managed to throw out a bunch of old papers and things that really serve no function but to consume space, but I was still left with several boxes of what I, in my mania, consider indispensable. They’re stuffed under the bed. The books, which I have previously mentioned carrying up and down stairs, are all in place, and the shelves, the desk, the dresser and all the clothes and blankets and sheets I apparently own are stuffed into the new room, and gradually seeping towards the edges as the blob finds its shape.

I have bought a lamp, my first proper lamp lamp. Oh, I’ve had little night lights and desk lamps, but this is a lamp for the room – a room lamp. This room inexplicably lacked any lighting – the ceiling lamp had been removed leaving only the screw holes – and so I have gotten my first proper lamp! I feel all grown up.

The room also comes with a skylight – insufficient a light source in a Norwegian winter – which is situated directly above the bed. With no curtains. I’ve gone out and gotten a curtain, in the same IKEA trip that got me the lamp, but I need some screws to put it up properly, so for now, I sleep in full view of the spy satellites and get the annoying half-light in at all hours. Not satisfactory yet. The blob is still settling.

Changing apartments doesn’t exactly rank high on the list of life changes, certainly not when it’s within the same neighbourhood, but it turns out to be quite a bit of work even so. Especially the thorough cleaning of the old place, but let’s not dwell on that little tragedy. I’m not properly at home yet; I am shaped for my old place, not the new. Literally so in some cases, this place has lower ceilings. Going to take a few days, I suppose, although I think there’s a chance that the temporary nature of this particular situation will make me keep it at a distance, subconsciously.

Ah, well, never mind. The point of it is: I moved this weekend. It was a lot of hassle. Now it’s done. And I’m waiting for my blob to settle.

2 February, 2012

I Am Not a Computer Guy: Technicalities

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So far, the image of me presented here has been one of a hopeless Luddite, and I feel I should try to shake that off ever so slightly. I am actually kind of a fan of technology. I think gadgets are cool, like bow ties. Liking technology isn’t the same as knowing technology, a distinction I think I ought to make right away; I am only computer savvy when compared to my parents. On the Izzard technology spectrum, I am much closer to joy than to fear, though I do occasionally consult manuals. Sure, my desktop computer is currently not actually working, but I’m sure that wasn’t really my fault!

As a kid, I experimented a bit, learning very basic html, which I suppose has stayed with me. I’ve kept that up, and learned equally basic css, but never enough to be really good at it. I’m the kind of guy who knows just enough to be dangerous – I know how to go in and change things until it’s all messed up.

I’ve gotten better at balancing on that edge, though. With sufficient instructions, I’ve managed to make this blog look more or less how I want it, even though it required some messing about in code to do it. I managed to get the blockquote, seen in use in the previous post, to look good, at any rate. For the most part, though, I was happy to let the theme and WordPress do most of the work for me.

WordPress has changed a bit since the last time I tried blogging, gotten quite a bit more advanced. There’s all sorts of nifty new features I want to play with – like the whole widget set-up. So much simpler than fiddling about in codes. The standard set is fairly simple, but I think there are plenty of plugins providing extra functionality, and I am greatly looking forwards to experimenting with them and I have just become the Luddite lurching parodically into the present again, haven’t I?

Well, never mind. I still find the whole thing cool. I bet there are loads of interesting features I haven’t even found yet, and good uses for the ones I have found which I haven’t figured out yet. Even if I do share Patrick Rothfuss’s vague disappointment in the Omega button.

Beyond the world of websites, I am, as I said, fond of gadgets. My enthusiasm for my new phone a few posts back should prove that. I don’t have an iPad or some other kind of tablet, but it is mainly because I cannot justify the expense compared to the need. I already have a phone and a laptop, and unless they both break at the same time, I doubt I’ll get a tablet. Unless I win one. But give me a gadget, and I will find it cool.

So there, I am not opposed to technology. Not all of it anyway. I have techno joy. Now, if I could just find a twitter widget that filtered out replies, I would be all set.

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