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16 February, 2012

Abject Terror

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So, some times you get results you didn’t expect.

Sunday evening I sat there panicking about the impending public shame that would result from a Monday with no post, so I hit upon the idea of making a quick and dirty one, that would be fairly easy – essentially a small list. I knew there would be some duds when I started, right? So I pooped this post out in about forty minutes of not very focused work – which doesn’t mean I picked the links at random, though, they really are very, very good – and then scheduled it for publication. Sure, it wasn’t my best work, but I went on with my day secure in the knowledge that I don’t really have many readers yet.

And then this happened:A tweet by David Willis


And then this happened: Graph of site visitors

And then this happened: A drawing of me hiding under a table

Sure, two hundred people may not be very many in the grand scale of things, but for a fledgling blog that still numbered its posts in single digits and had its previous high point in visitors at 12, it was a bit of a jump. And on that post, too! The half-arsed, minimum-work hackery! It’s very possible this is the largest audience I’ve ever had, and that is what I showed them? And these aren’t people who’ll be coming back, either, I had one chance at an impression here!

It didn’t even look good! The subheadings weren’t very aesthetically pleasing. I thought about trying to make them look better as I wrote the post, maybe make some nice lines under each of them, but decided to not get bogged down in that sort of coding minutiae. That’s the sort of stuff I’d use to distract myself from writing anything at all. So up it went, in all its lack of glory.

Obviously I’m glad Willis liked it enough to comment, that was a nice thing to do of him. But man, it was not a post designed to impress writers I admire.

So, lessons learned? Fear the duds. Try not to be mediocre where large groups might see it. And when you link to someone awesome, someone awesome might also link back to you, so … try not to? That’s the lesson here? Hell if I know.


  1. Oh no, that’s not the lesson. Well, fear the duds might be. But not “try not to link to someone awesome”. Rather, “try to take care not to link to someone awesome inside what you consider a dud”, maybe.


    I quite liked your dud, of course, so what do I know.

    Drawing is good. You could have spent another two minutes on the table, perhaps, but the important part is the dude underneath, and he’s positively shaking with expressiveness. Say, would you like to perhaps lend your creative talents to making some kind of comic with me some day? We seem to have a similar sense of humour, and you can clearly draw (at least more so than I can), and I have this idea of a big Olympian get-together where they declare war on Valhalla…

    Comment by Loki — 16 February, 2012 @ 18:12

  2. Lessong? And I cannot edit? What is this, Facebook?!

    Comment by Loki — 16 February, 2012 @ 18:13

  3. You could edit if you logged in. I’m sure you still remember your old password, right?

    Comment by Obdormio — 16 February, 2012 @ 23:03

  4. I actually recalled the password no problem, but the user name, now that was surprisingly hard.

    Comment by Loki — 16 February, 2012 @ 23:42

  5. Remembering that I had an account here, however, now THAT was tough. I also cannot seem to recall how to edit comments. Help please?

    Comment by Loki — 16 February, 2012 @ 23:44

  6. Turns out I’m wrong; you can only edit comments on posts you wrote yourself, which seems a silly way to go about things to me.

    Comment by Obdormio — 17 February, 2012 @ 00:33

  7. That is quite possibly the most ridiculous feature I’ve ever heard of. Also, it’s sort of seems to be the product of what I can only describe as an adorably fascist logic, and being adorably fascist is really not that common either.

    Comment by Loki — 17 February, 2012 @ 13:59

  8. Når dette skjedde med meg rømte eg blogspot og fann plassen min på wordpress. Eg er lukkelegare der – vanskelegare å finna. Lesarar er oppskrytt! (Men ganske so kult at ein av heltane dine har gitt deg eit lite nikk, det skjer ikkje kvar dag! Det er som om Jasper Fforde skulle ha skrive noko om “this Norwegian” som anbefalar bøkene hans til alle og ein kvar. Det hadde vore noko det)

    Comment by Mari — 16 February, 2012 @ 23:51

  9. Og ja, eg har brukt nyttig pakketid på å lesa gjennom bloggen din. Eg likar det eg ser! Du skriv godt, og du skriv av same grunn som eg har lyst å skriva. Men der du klarar det godt, der støttar eg meg på andre sine fine ord og har ikkje produsert noko originalt sidan i fjor ein gong. Eg håpar eg kan få henta inspirasjon frå deg framover.

    Comment by Mari — 16 February, 2012 @ 23:53

  10. Takk for rosen!

    Comment by Obdormio — 17 February, 2012 @ 11:14

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